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What were you thinking when you got your Inking?



Although a tattoo looks like a simple painting on the skin, it’s actually a series of ink deposits placed deep into the skin – designed to last forever. The reality is that thousands of people decide to remove their tattoos each year because the designs are no longer relevant to their lifestyle. Lasers are the answer.


Lasers are the safest and most effect way to remove tattoos. The RevLite (Dr. Ink-Off's INK EATING LASER) is the gold standard tool for this sophisticated procedure, using up to four different wavelengths to remove multiple colors- red, green, blue, black- tattoo ink. Eagle River Medical Aesthetics & Dr. Ink-Off was the first facility in the Northwest to have this laser and is currently the only facility in Idaho with this laser.


The RevLite uses PhotoAcoustic energy to safely penetrate the skin and target the tattoo at its core. Each pass of the laser vibrates and gently shatters the tattoo ink into micro-particles that are eventually eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because the laser delivers the energy in a very precise ‘beam,’ we can trace the design without damaging the surrounding skin.


Patients say the experience feels similar to the tattoo application itself – a snap of a rubber band followed by a feeling of warmth. That said, it takes much longer to remove a tattoo than to get a tattoo – about five to 15 sessions, depending on the amount of colors, the size of the design and the type of ink. Black tattoos are easier to remove than multicolored designs -- but all tattoos must be treated with the proper laser.


We provide topical anesthetic and may cool the skin first with ice prior to laser treatment. After the first few treatments, you’ll notice a temporary whitening of the treated area. Over time, the tattoo fades and the skin returns to normal color.




The cost of tattoo removal is just $30 per square inch per visit with a multi-visit package purchase, or $45 per square inch per visit ($90 minimum) if you choose to pay as you go. OKAY, OKAY, sometimes we are nice guys and it may just be $50 if it's hardly any ink..... that's why you need a FREE consultation


There are two factors to the cost of tattoo removal treatment: Size and ink. We charge $90 per visit for a tattoo 2 square inches or smaller, then by the square inch for each visit. Some tattoos can be removed with just a few visits, some will require more, depending on the ink type.


How big is a square inch?


A square inch is about the size of one postage stamp. A business card is six square inches. To determine how many square inches your tattoo is, measure the length and the width and multiply those numbers together to get the total square inches. We charge from $45 per square inch per visit with a minimum of $90 for tattoo removal.


My tattoo has lots of colors. Can it be removed?


Usually, but not always. We use state of the art lasers and the newest techniques. Some colors may require more treatments, but they can be usually removed. Some colors cannot be removed. Certain shades of purples, pinks, yellow, and white are examples of colors that may not be removable.


Will it be gone after my first treatment?


No. There are several different factors involved in determining how many treatments your particular tattoo will require, but between 5 and 15 treatments is average.


I had my first treatment and nothing seems different. Is this normal?


Yes. Some people may even see their tattoo get darker with their first treatment. Everyone responds at a different rate. The treatment is only effective with multiple visits...just be patient and you should get the best results possible.


I had a treatment a week ago and it seems all healed. Can I come back sooner than four weeks?


Healing is not the reason for the spacing of your treatments. The laser does not expel the ink; it breaks it up so your body's immune system can take it away. If you treat your tattoo too frequently, the laser is simply targeting the ink your body hasn't had the chance to remove, and you pay more for the same result.


Do I have to pay for my entire treatment in advance?


No. However, we offer discounts if you do. You can pay for one treatment at a time. We provide discount packages for multiple treatments.


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