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Many types of lasers are used for long-term hair removal. The RevLite (OUR VERSATILE HAIR MOWING MACHINE!) has a unique advantage of being able to treat skin of all colors, even tanned skin.


How does the laser remove unwanted hair?

PhotoAcoustic energy targets the hair follicle, disrupting its growth. Hair falls out gradually after treatment. Because each hair follicle grows at different stages, it’s necessary to repeat hair removal treatments over three to six sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, in order to capture all hairs at the ideal stage. After the recommended series of hair removal treatments, you will be virtually hair-free – any hair that does grow back will be lighter and finer.

What body areas can be treated?


The RevLite is appropriate for all types of hair removal including legs, underarms, and bikini line and, for men, backs and shoulders. These lasers are also very effective at treating fine dark hairs around the jaw line or above the lip – called vellus hair. Because these facial hairs are very fine, other lasers have difficulty targeting the follicle. The unique technology behind PhotoAcoustic energy easily reaches vellus hair, providing a safe solution for prolonged hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal for all skin types

Does it Hurt?

One of the main benefits of laser hair removal with this laser is that it offers a very comfortable treatment. The sensation can be described as a tingling, kind of like static electricity. Anesthesia is generally not necessary.


Will the hair grow back?

Eventually some hair will grow back. There is no hair removal laser that will PERMANENTLY remove 100% of unwanted hair. You should think of the laser as a hair management technique. Many of our clients come in two or three times a year for touch ups after the desired reduction is reached.


What can I expect after treatment?

The hair usually turns white during treatment. This hair will "fall out" naturally a few days later. You may manually remove the hair with a razor or loofah scrub. Your skin may be red immediately after treatment and you may experience some itching for 12 hours. You can immediately return to your normal activities.


TREATMENT         ONE            TWO        FOUR          SIX

PACKAGES           VISIT         VISITS      VISITS       VISITS


Abdomen                     $150                 $270             $450                $600


Arms (full)                  $200                $360             $600                 $800

Arms (upper                $150                 $270             $450                $600

Or lower)


Back                            $350                $630             $1050               $1400

Back (upper                 $150                 $270             $450                $60

Or lower)

Back &                         $400                $720             $1200               $1600



Bikini (male)                $175                 $315             $525                 $700

Bikini Standard           $100                 $180             $300                 $400

          Playboy             $155                  $250            $525                 $775

          Brazilian           $175                  $315             $595                $840


Brows                         $50                   $90               $150                 $200


Chest                         $150                  $270             $450                $600


Chin                           $50                    $90               $150                 $200


Ears                           $50                    $90               $150                $200


Face (women)             $150                  $270             $450                $600


Feet & Toes               $80                    $145             $240                $320


Hands &                     $80                    $145             $240                $320



Happy Trail                $50                    $90              $150                 $200


Legs (full)                   $400                 $720             $1200              $1600


Legs (upper                $200                  $360           $600                  $800

Or lower)


Lip                             $50                    $90               $150                 $200


Neck (front               $100                  $180              $300                $400

     Or back)


Shoulders                  $150                   $270            $450                 $600


Under Arms               $100                  $180              $300                $400


Pre-Pay Packages and save money!


Pay per Visit up to 4 Visits, visits 5 & 6 are 50% off, Visits 7 or more are 75% off.